The Interview – Sanja Matijevic brought “Military Glam” inspired by the dukes of Montenegro at Milan Fashion Week – Mad Mood 

Sanja Matijevic is based in Montenegro and finished BA in fashion design in 2007. She showcased her first collection in summer 2007 amoung 7 international names (Tony Ward, Gianni Calignano and others ) at Fashion Festival Budva. In 2010 she did her fashion design course at Instituto Europeo di Design in Milan. In 2012 she finished her master studies in fashion design. Since then , she has been actively showing her collections. Inspiration is traditional wear from Boka bay , where she comes from, with a modern twist and cuts. She is mainly inspired by men’ s wear traditional uniform , especially by captains and generals uniform where she transforms masculine cuts into feminine pieces. Lot of hand made details are used in her collections. She focuses a lot on details and cuts , but keeps the form of the garment simple and elegant. Her last SS18 collection “Military Glam” was shown at Milan Fashion Week this September 2017.  We discussed with Sanja Matijevic in a specific interview regarding her brand. 

The Interview – Sanja Matijevic Designer

TSCOF: We saw you celebrating the debut of your SS18 Collection at Milan Fashion Week during Mad Mood event. This is a smart and a difficult move at the same time for a designer who decide to come to Milan. Tell us more about the inspiration for your collection?  

Sanja: I was honoured to present “Military Glam “, my latest collection, at Mad Mood event in Milan during Milan Fashion Week . The collection is inspired by military uniforms of dukes of Montenegro. I tend to seek inspiration for my designs in cultural heritage of Boka bay and Montenegro in general. I also like masculine cuts which I transform into feminine outfits. This collection has an accent on open shoulders, asymmetric cuts, feminine lines versus “stronger “ cuts and stylization of medals of honours which are hand made with buttons and pearls all over.

Details “Military Glam” SS18 Collection
TSCOF:  Which is the target and what kind of woman should wear your collection? 

Sanja: I imagine modern busy ambitious woman wearing my brand. She is in trend and seeks an outfit that can take her from meetings to post work cocktails just by changing some accessory. She likes the comfort and modern cuts that makes her feel good and sexy in. She also likes to stand out with her outfit and to feel special and good in it.

Model Dayana Reeves walking the runway for Sanja Matijevic at Milan Fashion Week

TSCOF: Tell us three words that describe your design philosophy right now?

Sanja: Modern, sexy and grunge. 

Model walking the runway for Sanja Matijevic at Milan Fashion Week
TSCOF: And what about the core of your brand—what is that makes it so successful in your country?

Sanja: Every piece is unique , quality of materials , good cuts and well made outfits are something that makes each piece done with special care and love and appreciation of a woman and her needs in a fashion sense.


TSCOF: Which pieces from the collection do you see becoming wardrobe staples?

Sanja: The jackets that can be combined with pants, jeans , skirts or shorts and can be worn for different occasions. Black jacket with an open shoulder is my favourite go to piece.


Models walking the runway for Sanja Matijevic at Milan Fashion Week

TSCOF: As someone who travels often, what are three essentials you pack to make yourself at home wherever you go?

 Sanja: I always wear my favourite bracelets , parfume and hand cream.

 TSCOF: At the top of my goals list is…?

 Sanja: To always be excited and inspired to do my job.

 TSCOF: And lastly, one thing we might be surprised to know about you is…. ? 

Sanja: I used to study law along with fashion design but just for a short period of time.  

Sanja Matijevic photographed by Zoan Photography


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