The Interview – Marianna Miceli about Mad Mood Milano and how Puglia can be a real value for fashion industry  

MAD MOOD Milano is a dynamic and original format for upcoming fashion designers and talents in the famous Italian capital of fashion and communication, a melting pot of culture and influence, Milan, Italy. The next edition of MAD MOOD Fashion Talent Competition will be held during Milan Fashion Week at Palazzo Giureconsulti, from 22nd until 24th of September 2017. MAD MOOD is about a specific italian lifestyle which, departing from its roots in Italian tradition, arrives at the discovery and development of innovation. 

The program will be packed with events to value tradition and tailoring – as heritage and future – increasingly focusing the attention on new young talents, including the designers from Balkan Fashion Week, Feeric Fashion Week, Serbia Fashion Week or Eurasian Fashion Week. 

At the Fashion Talent Show MAD MOOD Milano, that closes the three days program on 22nd-24th September 2017, young designers from International fashion institutes compete, bringing original outfits created with innovative fabrics, inspired by a common theme relevant to the mood of the event. Each designer will showcase an outfit inspired by water.


“Water, vital energy” is the inspirational theme for the emerging designers taking part in MAD MOOD FASHION TALENT competition 2017. This theme has been chosen to raise awareness in young designers on the importance of protecting the precious asset of water. The production of fabrics for the fashion sector generates waste: colors and salts used in the process pollutes the water with chemicals. Many textile companies are turning towards a more sustainable production using completely organic components turning the waste into non toxic elements. Consistently with the mood and the message of the event, water represents an alternative and renewable form of energy for a sustainable future with low environmental impact. The winner of the fashion talent competition can win a collaboration with a famous textile company from Italy and will be awarded by a jury of professionals within the sector presided by Cav. Mario Boselli (Honorary President of the Chamber of Italian Fashion), and composed of: Adriana Di Lello (Fashion News Director Elle Italia), Beppe Pisani (Ambassador of the Textile Fair of Milano Unica), Anna Fendi, Roberto Portinari (Italian Fashion Platform), Antonio Mancinelli (Editor in chief, Marie Claire Italia), Pietro Lenna (Director of the Fashion Industry, Lombardy Region), Claudia Origgi (Head of Print Research at Roberto Cavalli), Pirazzi Olga (Citta Dell’Arte – Pistoletto Foundation), Antonio Franceschini (CNA Federmoda Italia). 

Many international designers will showcase their Spring/Summer 2018 collections and to name some of them we talk about Fedra Couture, Ivanka Hristova, Provocative & Plik, Luna Morgaciova, Hana Sirco, Lesia Semi, Milica Trickovic, Sarah Jessy Jones, Istituto Cordella, Lui by Luiza and many more. 

The Interview – Marianna Miceli, Founder of Mad Mood Milano

1. How does Mad Mood differ from other platforms that promote new talents?
We want young designers engaged in the creation of an outfit inspired by a specific theme, using sustainable fabrics. For example last year the theme was the “Mediterranean Food” this year is “Water – Vital Energy” and a specific jury will choose the winner who will win the free production for a capsule collection through CANEPA Tessuti S.P.A. from Como, Italy. The thread of any theme that is entrusted to the designers is the story of Puglia Region, the main partner of the MADMOOD project.

2. Tell me few qualities that should have a fashion talent to be able to take part in the Mad Mood Fashion Contest.

Creativity and ability to combine style with elegance.

3. How did the Mad Mood project come about and at what level is it at this time?

Mad Mood Milano was born during a conversation with my dear friend Myra Postolache, with the aim of promoting Made in Italy through Puglia Region. In just over a year, MADMOOD enjoys partnerships with prestigious international fashion events, including Eurasian Fashion Week, Lviv Fashion Week, Feeric Week Designer. This year we are proud to have also Derek Warburton, stylist celebrity from Los Angeles and owner of LA PALME Magazine from LA. 

4. Are you going to organize the Mad Mood contest devoted to new talents even abroad? Where?

Absolutely. We are thinking to do an event in Los Angeles very soon and promote italian designers through important events there. 

5. What would be the long-term goal of the Mad Mood project?

Our long-term goal is to help young designer to produce a collection MADMOOD and sell it in Italy and abroad through a specific sales network. 

Intervista a Marianna Miceli, fondatrice Mad Mood Milano  

TSCOF: Come fa Mad Mood la differenza rispetto ad altre piattaforme che promuovono nuovi talenti?
Marianna Miceli: Chiediamo ai giovani designer di impegnarsi nella realizzazione di un outfit ispirato ad un tema specifico, l’anno scorso il tema è stato la “la dieta mediterranea” quest’anno “acqua energia vitale”. Filo conduttore di qualunque tema affidato ai designer è il racconto della Regione Puglia main partner del progetto MADMOOD.

TSCOF: Dimmi tre qualità che dovrebbe avere un fashion talent per poter partecipare al Mad Mood Fashion Contest.
Marianna Miceli: Creatività e capacità di combinare lo stile con l’eleganza.

TSCOF: Com’è nato il progetto Mad Mood e a che livello si trova in questo momento?
Marianna Miceli: Mad Mood è nato durante una conversazione con la mia cara amica Myra Postolache, con l’obiettivo di promuovere la Regione Puglia attraverso la moda. In poco più di un anno MADMOOD gode della partnership con prestigiosi eventi di moda internazionali, tra i quali Eurasian Fashion week, Lviv fashion week , Feeric Fashion Week e siamo contenti di avere quest’anno come Official Ambassador Derek Warburton, stylist delle celebrità più note di Los Angeles e fondatore LA PALME Magazine. 

TSCOF: Hai intenzione di organizzare il contest Mad Mood dedicato ai nuovi talenti anche all’estero? Dove?

Marianna Miceli: Assolutamente si. Pensiamo di organizzare a breve Mad Mood a Los Angeles per promuovere i designers italiani attraverso eventi importanti li.  
TSCOF: Quale sarebbe l’obiettivo a lungo termine del progetto Mad Mood?
Marianna Miceli: Offrire ai giovani designer pugliesi più talentuosi di produrre una collezione MADMOOD, inserendoli all’interno di una rete di vendita .

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