Errors of Youth RTW Fall 2017 at Balkan Fashion Week

The collection played like a dream, a beautiful one with stylistic roots in the designer’s own imagination and signatures. Errors of Youth went on an extravagant exploration of construction, cutting and draping in ways that amazed — and are difficult to describe. Errors of Youth employed shirring and pleating to create remarkable silhouettes, bouquets of fabric and seaming that looked different from every angle. Pleats sometimes defied gravity, running horizontally before opening into voluptuous fans. Flaps, folds and bunching created soft-sculpture formations, some splashed with strokes of red or purple paint. Very interesting minimalism inside Nu Boyana Film Studios for Fall 2017 by Errors of Youth.

Runway Photographer: Borislav Zhyuikov | Backstage Photographer: Todor Vassilev
Producer: Teo Tomov
Feldolini Production




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