GUCCIfy Yourself – GUCCI Cruise 2018

Much like the Renaissance period, and what we have come to know of Michele’s Gucci there was a bit of everything – sequin embellished off-the-shoulder gowns, retro florals and pussy bow blouses.As always it was slightly turned on its head, from the space-age pearl balaclava worn by one model to the sparkly “GG” logo printed tights. Retro inspiration also came in the form of the fur coat with puffy oversized monogram sleeves, a nod to 80s Harlem outfitter Dapper Dan. Those with a keen eye may have also spotted the word “Guccy” appearing on a dress – not a spelling mistake but the medieval spelling of the brand, and a riff on the knock-offs that are no doubt sold all over the world.


Gucci 1 Gucci 1 12 men Gucci 1 blindforlove Gucci 1 men Gucci 1 men7 Gucci 1 men9 Gucci 1 men16 Gucci 1f1 Gucci 1men777 Gucci 16 Gucci 15 Gucci 14 Gucci 13 Gucci 12 Gucci 11 Gucci 18 Gucci 111 Gucci 123 Gucci 133 Gucci 144 Gucci 187 Gucci 11112 Gucci 10998 Gucci 1155 Gucci 1098 Gucci 198men Gucci 198 Gucci 12098 Gucci 13456 Gucci 14444 Gucci 19998 Gucci 187654 Gucci 1124332

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