PL!K x Balkan Fashion Week Campaign Fall 2017 at Nu Boyana Film Studios

PL!K is is not just a brand of luxury leather goods and accessories, but a real lifestyle concept that turns the pieces from a daily accessory into a way of self-expression.
Each PL!K  accessory is handmade with high quality leather, with a special attention to details, minimalist design and clean lines.
Each PL!K has its own name and character that corresponds to the identity of its woman, making it very personal.
Every PL!K is the natural extension of your hand, but it is exactly yours, it shows who you are and makes you feel special when it’s with you.
PL!K is something personal, emotional and categorically distinctive.
PL!K is your bag or your leather accessory, the one you will want to wear it everywhere.

More about PL!K here:

Photography: Douglas Bassett

Beauty Director: Valeria Orlando

Models: Anna Theodora , Milena Aleksandrova and Dayana Rasheva

Location: Nu Boyana Film Studios

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