PROVOCATIVE Fall 2017 x Balkan Fashion Week Campaign at Nu Boyana Film Studios

PROVOCATIVE is a fashion house established in Bulgaria,which produces clothing for women. Founder and creative director of this fashion brand is Gloria Dimitrova.
By combining modern cuts and sensual fabrics Provocative creates garments for women that give off a casual aura and clear sophisticated minimalism,striving toward pure and timeless aesthetics. High quality craftsmanship is as important to the designer as to their client. The lines are clean,smooth and strong with attention to details. Each piece includes a desire to explore and merge the styles of an era with a contemporary reality. Creating a unique silhouette,inspires elegance and fluidity.
The designer believes that looking attractive is a matter of self-confidence,it is a state of mind. Being elegant does not mean being conspicuous. It means to be sealed in people’s minds.
Brand’s philosophy is to help customers feel comfortable and confident in the clothes they wear.


The collection played like a dream, a complicated dream, one with stylistic roots. Gloria Dimitrova went on an extravagant exploration of construction, cutting and draping in ways that amazed — and are difficult to describe. For fall, she employed shirring and pleating to create her remarkable silhouettes,  parts of fabric and seaming that looked different from every angle. After all of the abundance, PROVOCATIVE reversed course, closing the show with a series of simple black coats and outfits with uneven hems, her take on languid, interesting minimalism.

Gloria Dimitrova is fearless, both as creator and technician, is a given, and the results of her labors always fascinate. For fall, they enchanted as well.

Photography: Douglas Bassett

Beauty Director: Valeria Orlando

Models: Anna Theodora & Dayana Rasheva

Location: Nu Boyana Film Studios

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