LILIAN EDWARDS Fall 2017 x Balkan Fashion Week Campaign at Nu Boyana Film Studios

LILIAN EDWARDS is a clothing brand with exceptional quality and style. The designer, Lilian Edwards, spins traditional hand-made design techniques with modern, fresh ideas, specializing in printed handmade fabrics with a particular focus on fashion. Each piece is lovingly made by hand with unsurpassed attention to detail and quality. Excellence comes from having vision and passion.
All clothes by Lilian Edwards are original, designed and finished by hand to make each item absolutely unique. Lilian Edwards is a clothing brand, producing  womenswear collections. Every look owns unique story of love, beauty and romance.
Soft dresses are a joyous patchwork of velvet and fine fabrics, The atmosphere of Nu Boyana Film Studios added a dreamy, sentimental dimension, which was fitting for the lineup of velvet dresses, which sprouted iridescent cosmic patterns. Milena Aleksandrova was drifting across Lilian Edwards’s dark velvet designs, styled by Myra Postolache and photographed by Douglas Bassett from Milan for Balkan Fashion Week FW17/18 Campaign at Nu Boyana Film Studios. Beauty Director: Valeria Orlando using VOR Make Up.
PRODUCTION TEAM: Elena Alexy, Maria Koleva, Teodora Guergova, Mila Zaharieva, Kristina Dimitrova.

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