SHIATZY CHEN draws her inspirations in the mingling of the classic essences of the East and West to compose the resplendent portrait of the Fall Winter 2017/2018

Curling along the lush luxury of precious silks, the curves of stylized clouds echo the swirls of Rococo architecture, as dragons, phoenixes and lions, bearers of propitious portends and good fortune, frolick about. 

From the architectural heritage of the 18th century to the mists of Asian mythology, these influences are the everlasting source of joyful creation. From this grandiose era where humanist philosophy and the arts flourished more than ever before, the inspirations deeply rooted in this grand cultural evolution continue to offer rich harvests that are anticipated with humble gratitude. Embodied in the volume of a court sleeve, the gold and silver tones of Rococo, in the delicate bows or woven in the opulence of a jacquard, they imprint utmost refinement in a contemporary aesthetic.

The Fall collection showcases breathtaking garments: collages of tender laces and graceful long skirts are confronted to the modernity of gorgeous hooded elements and padding, while neat suits, coats and jackets, overalls or down elements offer a demanding outline and exquisite craftsmanship for an expression a unique feminine and chic style, perpetually yearning for Neo-Classicism and Romanticism.


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