A classic fable, retold in a contemporary way, by Au Jour Le Jour for Fall Winter 2017/2018

A collection inspired  by the wisdom of Aesop, translated by Jean de la Fontaine in the second half of 1600, from that dream world of knowledge, strength and values, which narrates with  absolute simplicity the complex human soul and the dualism of the eternal struggle between good and evil.

Fables apparently for children hide a veiled moral, meant for  adults.  A fantastical ensemble unfolds through a forest, telling of fairies with a bon- ton and relaxed soul.

An evident sensuality, surrounded by an aura of candid elegance showing a material lightness made with comfortable fabrics and pyjama silhouettes, outlining a precise, clean image. Deep research of materials: a vintage crackle effect, quilted floral jacquard, jewelled embroidery, crochet details, tell of a modern princess.

Feathers and teddy bear fur alternate with simple lines taken from homewear, mini-dresses and pants are worn with crochet detailed knitwear.

The palette consists of natural shades, with forays into brighter touches such as hot pink,  orange and forest green, where nothing is overlooked; the evocative and symbolic prints depict the characters in these fables.


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