Salvatore Ferragamo’s Fall Winter 2017/2018 collection draws on the heritage of the brand and treats day and evening wear with femininity and dynamism.

An active woman who combines flowing, sensual clothes and technical garments with an elegant twist.

A new fluency between new shapes merged with a mix of fabrics. Ferragamo’s inherent desire to experiment is the creative starting point.

Embracing proportion for collars and hoods that sublimely frame the face. Silhouettes made sophisticated by their simplicity and versatility. Sleeves transform to become scarves. Proportion is harmony.

FLASH 1. Outlined elegance. Three silhouettes. Fitted but never tight. Straight, with high waist. Small on the front, soft on the back, a mix of the two.

FLASH 2. Dynamic cuts for plenty of movement. Inside-out effect and maximum comfort. Just a hint of techno with a sporty attitude. Reworking of the coat-size puffer, versatile for different uses and functions. Leisure mood.

FLASH 3. Column or opanca heels, lug soles and vertical court: a mix of ideas from the archives re-interpreted in new shapes. “F” heel for the evening, with “glove” upper. The quintessential lady’s accessory is back: the glove. Long, dressy, seductive.

FLASH 4. The comfort of the iconic Soft Sofia bag is fused with new colours and materials. The Saddle Soft leather is as smooth as it looks. Thalia Gancio recalls handy men’s bags.

Knits play a leading role in emphasising architectonic shapes such as the softness and comfort of the knitted tux.

Colour palette: classic hues contrast with strong shades, for balanced chromatic combinations.

Soft and noble fabrics recalling tradition team up with sporty materials. Classic look and techno handle. High Tech – High Craft. Hybridisation and fusion. Natural fur. A mix of breit, mink and beaver.



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