Athens Xclusive Designers Week 2016 – Everything You Need To Know

Not all of us are fully tapped into the runway world…and that’s OK—even we get overwhelmed by which brands we should know from a fashion week, what celebs will be where, what trends to look out for and even the latest and greatest fashion terms. And after having my own, first experience with Athens Xclusive Designers Week, I must admit, it was not what I expected! Or at least, there were some surprises that came along with it. It was a great experience which gave me a sneak peak into greek fashion’s world, and of course, a subject to write about with love.

We put together a comprehensive guide of what the designers from #AXDW prepared for us. So without any further talking, let’s have a look at all you need to know about Athens Xclusive Designers Week talents!

”FIONA” by Vassilis Zoulias

Vassilis Zoulias has been involved in the fashion industry for more than 25 years. His career took off at a fairly young age, where he started working as a fashion editor in various publications such as Gynaika, Status, Votre Beaute and Greek Vogue.In 2003, he ventured out on his own, creating a shoe and bag company under the label VASSILIS ZOULIAS OLD ATHENS. His first Prêt-a-Porter show took place in 2007 and since then, he designs two Prêt-a-Porter collections per year. Since 2008, he maintains his personal Atelier of Haute Couture VASSILIS EMMANUEL ZOULIAS, where he also designs wedding dresses. In February 2012, he presented his first show in New York: “NEW LOOK NEW YORK”. So please allow us to transport you to a by gone world ,the perfumed atmosphere of a “salon couture” where the models act as well bred, sligthky naugthy “grandes dames” and the fashion display an eye popping opulence.


Vassilis Zoulias Designer with Tonia Fouseki, the president of #AXDW

AKTO Fashion College

ΑΚΤΟ is the largest educational group, in Art, Design and Media, in Greece. Applied Arts are taught at AKTO in a global, multidisciplinary spirit, combining scientific theory and artistic practice in a unique way. Our mission is to encourage students, assist them in highlighting their talents and skills and discover their own creativity.

AKTO offers postgraduate and undergraduate programmes of studies, at a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree and a Master of Arts in Design level, validated by Middlesex University.


DECADENCE“ by Bosko Jakovljevic

Bosko Jakovljevic come from Serbia Fashion Week and the total look is the key leimotif in the new collection by Serbian menswear designer Bosko Jakovljevic. Titled “DECADENCE“, the new outing is an obvious ode to color. While most designers tone down the rhetoric in their collections for the cold months of the year, this is far from the direction in which Bosko Jakovljevic takes us into as we head into Fall Winter 2016/17. He opts not only just for color, but for some of the boldest and brightest imaginable in menswear. The trousers with traditional cuts. The blazers often have three pockets and are finished with slim lapels. The designer does add more casual chic pieces for those occasion when a man wants to feel relaxed but needs to looks good.


Christina Zafeiriou

Christina Zafeiriou was born and raised in Athens by Greek-American parents.  Having international influences,   her inclination to fashion was evident from a young age. Through free and the line drawing, Christina took the main knowledge and she continued in fashion design studies, costume and styling. Starting from Athens, her talent and her ideas, led her to Paris and the renowned fashion school “Esmod”. Finishing “Esmod” Paris with the best recommendations, Christina participated in specialized seminars.  Footwear and jewelry manufacturing expanded the range of her capabilities, establishing her officially in fashion. Armed with knowledge, meticulous work, the best materials and the optimism that distinguishes her, Christina Zafeiriou created and will present her first couture collection “C E R E S” SS 2017.

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Dimitrios Ordoulidis

Dimitrios, showed at a young age that creativity is one of the virtues, which would stigmatized him for the rest of his life. Searching for a fashion school which will offer him relevant expertise, specializing in design and production of clothing, he settled for the Design Departement of Düsseldorf, in Germany. A principle that accompanies Dimitri in his career is this: beyond love, design and fashion is art. Another principle that follows him from the beginning of his career is one that was earned from the chief designer Yiorgos Eleftheriades. The four-month practice that he committed in the atelier of the famous Greek designer in Athens, Dimitrios learned that “talent” is simply a shade of the whole, but the hard work is the “light” effect. He became the winner of the award “Best New Designer” at the young contest new designer awards at 17th Athens Exclusive Designers Week. As a source of inspiration he mentions his feelings. “I dream of a beautiful image that is composed of people, whom my imagination dresses them with garments. My clothes are my dreams”. His target and purpose in life? To amaze the world with his dreams!




Giannetos is a Greek luxury fashion house, specialized in men’s clothing. Founded in 1907, it is now managed by the fourth generation of the Giannetos family and remains in family ownership. Over the last century the business gene and entrepreneurial spirit has been passed down through the generations, ensuring that the name Giannetos remains synonymous with the art.



Ioannis Roumeliotis

Ioannis Roumeliotis, always genuine and eccentric, stands out thanks to his special viewpoint and boundless talent. His name is deeply connected with every aspect of contemporary Art, from direction, fashion design, graphic design, interior and exterior architecture to performance art, photography, video art, experimental and fiction film. With Bachelors and Masters of Arts as well as scholarships at reputable universities of the world’s metropoles such as Berlin University of the Arts (Universität der Künste, UdK), California Institute of the Arts (CalArt), London and Seoul, Ioannis returns to his mother-country to give another form to his ideas, dreams and personal beliefs, transubstantiating his creativity into high quality clothes, accessories and other fashion objects, covering the contemporary body with art pieces. Mad TV announced him as the ‘Best New Greek Fashion Designer’ in 2015 and at the Madwalk event organized by the channel, Ioannis presented one of the most talked-about and innovative acts of the night. Ozon Magazine and Fashion Room Service, respectively, honored him with the same title as well. His creations are appearing in greek and international fashion magazines and sites.


Kathy Heyndels

Kathy Heyndels founded her first fashion atelier in Brussels in 1956 designing couture creations and bridal. In 1983 she returned to her birthplace Athens and opened the atelier in Kolonaki. Yiannis Togos, son of Kathy Heyndels, began to deal with the firm since 1989. His desire to do something new led him to create the first prêt a porter collection. The Fashion House worships 100% authentic natural based materials, uses always silk, taffeta, satin, laces and muslins and many of them are hand embroidered with precious stones and Swarovski. The Fashion House will participate in the Greek fashion week showing trends for the next season. The creations of the Fashion House have been influential in the recent years in countries of Europe such as Paris, Monte-Carlo, St. Trope, also in Cyprus, in America (New York – Miami), in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Also, the House has designed dresses for the Greek beauty contest (Star Hellas) several times.


L.K.C. by Loukia Kyriakou

Born in South Africa to parents originally from Paphos Cyprus, Loukia studied Physics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and got her Master’s degree at the University of Middlesex in London. She practiced the profession for 1 year, but her love for fashion urged her to return to South Africa and there she studied Fashion Design. She interned at one of the biggest couture houses in South Africa’ for Peter Pondisio.Returning to Cyprus she opened her own studio called “LKC couture” in Paphos, where she uniquely prepares custom made pieces for clients both in Cyprus and abroad. She took part in the “Cyprus fashion days” on November 4, 2012 which was her first nationwide participation in a fashion event. On the 31st of March 2013 she participated in the new designer division of AXFW and won the best catwalk Award. October of 2014 she won the title of the “Best New Designer” in Athens at the Athens Xclusive Designers Week and since then has been producing collections for the Underground label that is based in Athens which is also the more affordable collection. LKC Bridal is also a big part of the brand and is now in full effect with the most exquisite fabrics and most unusual details with sheer fabric being the most distinct characteristic of her pieces. In 2014 she was a nominee for the Madame Figaro “women of the year” awards in the fashion designer category.


Maison Faliakos

Christos Petridis was born in Thessalonica. He studied styling and fashion creation at his home town before moving to Athens where he joined COSTAS FALIAKOS Haute Couture. Thanks to his talent and hard work he became in a very short time the primary business associate of Costas Faliakos, this so talented creator. Faliakos saw at once his possibilities and encouraged his young associate by including Petridis creation in the 1994 fashion collection. Nevertheless, what’s most important is that in ten years of their common course Faliakos introduced Petridis to his most precious experience and taught him every single secret concerning the magical world of fashion.


Nassos Ntotsikas

Nassos Ntotsikas is reimagining knitwear, giving it a fresh face and maximizing its natural adaptability. Inspired by the infinite possibilities presented by knitwear, the Nassos Ntotsikas brand offers a refined collection of high quality knitted attire.Having obtained a degree in Costume and Fashion Design from the Accademia di Costume e di Moda di Roma, he then specialized in textiles and knitwear. Early in his career, Nassos worked in film and television. He then took that experience and applied the skills to the world of high fashion. He has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry, both in Greece and around the world. In 2011, Nassos launched the Nassos Ntotsikas brand. Soon afterwards, he won the Best Trendsetter Award at the Athens Exclusive Designers Week. In 2013, he unveiled his Bridal Collection. By the start of 2014, Nassos had opened his own atelier in Athens. His atelier is a space for creative expression and experimentation: it is where he makes his dreams reality. Nassos recently launched his second line, Pure | Nassos Ntotsikas. Nassos Ntotsikas combines tested and true techniques of the past with the cutting edge garment technology. The result is a line of knitwear that is manufactured exclusively in Greece, on production looms, and sewn by hand. Nassos boundless creative energy and love of the craft have led him to create two separate lines. The Nassos Ntotsikas line features a youthful, casual look and affordability. Geared toward a sophisticated clientele, Pure | Nassos Ntotsikas is more appropriate for a fancy night out. Nassos Ntotsikas is quickly gaining an international reputation as a leading knitwear designer, and his designs are getting noticed by an elite, trendsetting clientele. His collections are distributed by select retailers in Greece, Italy, Spain, Cyprus and Egypt.


OCEAN BLUE by Marcia Thrasyvoulou

Marcia Thrasyvoulou is the designer behind the luxury lifestyle brand OCEAN BLUE. Born and raised in a Mediterranean island herself she knew how to effortlessly dress from beach to summer parties. Marcia’s designs are aimed in feeling every woman feeling confident, stylish and glamorous without being too loud. They are all adjusted to the Greek island summer lifestyle. Many of her designs have been selected as trendsetters and published in the trends sections of professional and fashion publications such as Madame Figaro, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Intima bain and Mondanite. In 2011 Ocean Blue was chosen to showcase at the prestigious L’Ultra Fashion show at the famous Pavilion Cambon in Paris. She is currently the Vice President of the Cyprus Fashion Designers Association and the first Cypriot to be on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar magazine.


PARLE MOI by Tamara

Tamara owner of “Parle Moi” brand, designs clothes for women that characterised by sophisticated style and elegance.
Inspirations for her creations are based on her radical fashion perspective which was initially influenced by designers such as Alexander McQueen, Manis Arora etc.
The combination of authenticity, minimalism and fantasy in her creations, caused the warmest reviews and was awarded by the two top prizes of Athens Fashion Week 2015 as Best Fashion Designer & Best Fashion Ambassador, thus giving, her first mark to the fashion industry.


Peace And Chaos

Peace & Chaos are made up of 2 individuals, Nefeli Allan & Dimitris Pantazis. The name is inspired by the characteristics of the two, Dimitris being the Peace Maker and Nefeli being the Chaos. Nefeli was born and raised in Manchester, England. Studying Graphic Design & Textile Print at Manchester Metropolitan University. Dimitris studied Graphic Design in Greece and is a Print Designer with 15 years experience. Nefeli & Dimitris met in the field of Fashion in 2007. They worked alongside each other at a leading Greek Fashion Company as a team. They eventually became a couple and decided to challenge themselves and create the brand that really represents who they are. They started Peace & Chaos on their own with small steps and big passion.

Peace & Chaos are constantly evolving, always inspired by print as this is where their expertise, speciality and passion lay.



Konstantina Kampisopoulou and Sofia Vayena decided to follow their common passion by uniting their strong interest and vision in creating a fashion brand that would bond fashion and art in a unique way, having a strong and fresh identity. After a long market research they created their brand, The Artians, with the moto When Art meets fashion and the vision of introducing globally a brand baring a Greek inspired identity and origin but given through a contemporary and totally new prism. Luxury women-wear with their exclusively designed prints, on clothing defined by its high end design, craftsmanship and commitment to detail. Different projects and inspiration reflecting great cultures and artistic influences of all kinds of art are embodied in each collection through exclusive prints and patterns creating a unique identity in each collection. All materials used are basically made in Greece conforming always to ethically correct procedures. The Artians collections have been in the Greek market and abroad (Europe & Australia) for 3 years selling at selected stores and boutiques and have been presented at several major fashion exhibitions and shows with great success.


Vlassis Holevas

Vlassis Holevas –  the brand has been an established fashion brand for over 2 decades on a national and International level, offering a 360 proposition to females all over the world. The fashion house that has been synonymous to timeless glamour shows 2 collections each year of pret a porter, houses a haute couture section and prides itself for its impressive bridal collections, its shoes and accessories and its business capsule collection. The brand’s ID has been related so far with meticulous red carpet moments of International celebrities at the Oscars, the Cannes and Berlin film festivals and appearances in NYFW.



Athena Vatikanou was born and raised in Kavala. She is just 22 years old and has studied “Business Administration” with specialization in Marketing. During her studies she decided to go into fashion design, establishing the brand “Reveal CROCHET swimwear” in 2014. The brand “Reveal CROCHET swimwear” started from handmade knitted swimsuit and it was quickly developed into clothes and accessories. Having global recognition, the “Reveal CROCHET swimwear” is loved for its quality and its unique style in Greece, USA and United Arab Emirates. The grandmother of Athena has the leading role in her idea, since she dressed her with special handmade creations, characterized by intense summer mood. Athena Vatikanou says that every woman should take care of her image even at the beach. She takes over this responsibility by making custom made creations, tailored to the needs of each woman.



Rita Pateroni fashion house is based in Athens Greece. 
The designers of the brand, Rita and Liana, design the haute couture garments and wedding gowns that are distinguished for the quality, aesthetics and timelessness. Every season Rita Pateroni is not just following the trends, but it makes sure it creates new fashion. 
The creations are emphasized on femininity and true elegance. Rita Pateroni is synonymous with artistic and passionate designs, a combination, of elaborate neo-romanticism, and clean cut minimalism. Rita Pateroni has an atelier in Athens, and three boutiques in Greece, Kolonaki, Thessaloniki, Syntagma, and recently has opened a new boutique in Qatar-Doha.


Tassos Mitropoulos

His career in fashion begun at a very early age, designing men & women’s fashion knitwear collections using embroidery and hand painting, always in his philosophy of wash garment to be unique. At the age of seventeen he presents his first fashion show and at the age of twenty-three he creates his first company of designing and producing handmade knitwear. In the same time he studies design in Rome at the academia Dell’art and after graduating he is enriching his collections, designing evening and casual wear, using luxurious materials like leather and fur. His label also carries a special line of accessories. Recently Tassos Mitropoulos delivered his first collection of exclusive wedding gowns. The designer’s passion for innovation is visible from his expertise in combining unconventional and controversial materials in a unique ultra feminine style. His collections are sold exclusively in boutiques and department stores all over Greece and abroad.


LAK by Lakis Gavalas

.LAK is a collection of clothes and accessories, that provide a total solution for exceptionally smart but surprisingly affordable everyday outfits.
Casual but with “class” and young chic.




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