Yvan Andreu FW16 – Feeric Fashion Week


It is a novel Fashion Brand in which create fashion from new view, in which they include Technological innovations that are applied in the design,leaving a notice in the entire production process, from its inception to the final product.

Each collection combines the use of skins and new materials, such as vinyl, plastic and neoprene; together with research into new techniques such as patronaje and 3D prints.
We seek a futuristic line, based on minimalism, straight, clean lines, overlaps; coming the use of volumes to bring the concept of each collection at its best. This concepts can open the brand to break through at international level, parading in capitals like Vienna, Belgium and Paris; receiving international proposals and appearing in interviews and editorials at national and international level.

The geometry merges with the organic to yield some creations that have value in themselves,as each garment reflects the broad creative process the collection.

Psychedelia, Japanese anime and the ever-present decadent signature touch make a conceptual fashion, with an own hallmark; a “Fashion for Unconscious Mind “.

The Collection 023

023 is part of the futuristic inspiration, the essence of the 70s, the freshness of youth and decadence of fashion. The marine world inspired his prints, the seabed comes alive in their geometric designs as opposed to flowing lines on garments, looking for organic. Lines and straight cuts, and the combination of different materials and textures opens the door to a new reinterpretation of vision of fashion designer line.

Photo Credits: Cornel Petrus 

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