Feeric Fashion Week #Day2

Cricss means shades of black

Cricss opened the Day 2 of Feeric Fashion Week in Alba Iulia with an individual show on the city hall’s roof top.

In a moment of reconsidered deconstruction, the work of Cricss is more relevant than ever. She has a way of dealing with unstructured tailoring, liquid form and coiling lines that is unique, with an elegant touch.

Criccs’s show at Feeric Fashion Week featured mannish tailoring from start to finish. Equally unremitting was the colour palette: a flood of black with occasional shots of  transparency. The designer kept the silhouette straight, lean and light, almost monastic: coats were so weightless, they almost resembled dusters. There was a pervasive sensuality to the proceedings, though, conveyed via cuts that gave the impression of garments graphically falling apart. The collection climaxed in a crescendo of deconstruction, getting more complex as it unfolded. It was wonderfully poetic.

CARESTA Bags Showed their Iconic Black Collection

The spotlight of black that means elegance and refinement, through a series of patterns statement that restore strength, uniqueness, prestige and mystery.

The designer’s vision put emphasis on the wealth of a black valences that acquires throughout history, the emblematic color image, also innovating with the combination of materials and accessories.

Bags are made entirely of leather, accessorized with metallic elements gold or silver. The official color of the collection is black, but articles will be recreated on a wide range of colors for their customers.

Iconic Black is a Limited Edition Collection that contains products distinguished by the use of precious skins. Uniqueness and timeliness of the collection comes from how to make products in a minimalist style and their slogan is “CaResta – the bag for life”.

Caresta Bags

Adriana Timofti is a reminder of the successful urban glam direction

As you all know, Adriana Timofti is never about dreamy princesses, but fierce and powerful women who spark confidence 24/7: and I guess that confidence is what you need to rock this collection.
All the classic leitmotiv were there: from the cut out to the sheer panels, not forgetting the fitted dresses or the body-con gowns.
However what surprised the audience was the injection of athleticism that most of the pieces evoked: indeed a beautiful models introduced us to a series of mostly white sporty yet modern looks with neon accents in grey. Definitely a reminder of the successful urban glam direction showcased with this ready to wear collection.
The designer experimented with geometries both in shapes and graphic, and she spiced up many tuxedos, suits and dresses by adding provocative cut outs.

 ”Ocantos” by Eduardo Perez’s debut at Feeric Fashion Week

”Ocantos” includes coloured suits, crushed velvet, checked print, bright graphics on the bags in collaboration with CARESTA  — all paired with matching combat boots by Ruma Zapatos and Sarah Jessy Jones. An urban, colorful and cheerful accessories and outfits for elegant and powerful women.

Ioana Calin’s collection was fit for a princess

Ioana Calin presented her elegant couture collection during Feeric Fashion Week Gala in Alba Iulia. The collection included mostly white and jewel-toned gowns embellished with stunning beads, sequins and appliqués. Models sported natural makeup and delicate, bridal white head pieces.

Overall, this collection was fit for a princess. The  designer’s couture vision included many stunning details, including heeled velvet sandals, halter style gowns, pearls and thin chain-link shoulder straps.

Pimpi Smith and her tribute to Evita Peron

Pimpi Smith is a brand Made in Argentina with a portfolio of tissues handmade embroidered with sequins, stones and crystals and is distinguished by its exclusive design and copyright.

Collection which will see is inspired by a woman who has sparked controversy and mixed feelings in Argentina, Maria Eva Duarte, that people affectionately dubbed it as “Evita”. She was the wife of Argentine President Juan Domingo Peron, who had two mandates. A humble woman, Evita managed to become a symbol of social change in Argentina’s history because it has done, and always focusing attention on the neediest. Evita great passion for fashion designers led her to the collecting of dresses and jewelry specially made for her. Owner of a unique style framed in the era of the 50s, where hairstyle, makeup and conduct Evita conducted a fashion icon in Argentina and highly commented the world. Her life, its strengths, weaknesses and sensitivity Evita made her one of the most important women in the history of Argentina.

Art Direction was made by Silvia Stesy Stefanini from Milan in collaboration with Mitichi Production. Hair style by Geta Marin and make up by Cristian Buca.

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