Feeric Fashion Week #Day1


ATIPIC Beauty opened Feeric Fashion Week in Alba Iulia with the most powerful wheelchair models ever, dressed by different romanian designers.

While Feeric Fashion Week is, in general, a celebration of all creative things, Atipic Beauty has a great message behind — this show wasn’t nicknamed “Atipic” for nothing.

The fashion world can at times seem like a shallow and judgmental industry, but Feeric Fashion Week is working hard to amend that impression. ATIPIC Beauty, coordinated by Magda Coman, enlisted a group of disabled models to strut in the Feeric Fashion Week runway show yesterday in Alba Iulia. Mitichi Foundation teamed up with Atipic Beauty, a romanian research organization for spinal cord injuries.

The models were bound by wheelchairs but they didn’t let their physical ailments get in the way of making a bold political (and fashion!) statement.  Celebrities hit the runway at Feeric Fashion Week in Alba Iulia with the wheelchair models for a great cause. Cosmina Pasarin, romanian TV Star, is the official hostess of Feeric Fashion Week this year and described Atipic Beauty like one of the most powerful organizations from Romania that need a special attention from all of us.

cosmina pasarin sarah jessy jones
Cosmina Pasarin

atipic beauty13724821_1183492258368814_8928356210912683146_oCARESTA Bags Showed their Iconic Black Collection

The spotlight of black that means elegance and refinement, through a series of patterns statement that restore strength, uniqueness, prestige and mystery.

The designer’s vision put emphasis on the wealth of a black valences that acquires throughout history, the emblematic color image, also innovating with the combination of materials and accessories.

Bags are made entirely of leather, accessorized with metallic elements gold or silver. The official color of the collection is black, but articles will be recreated on a wide range of colors for their customers.

Iconic Black is a Limited Edition Collection that contains products distinguished by the use of precious skins. Uniqueness and timeliness of the collection comes from how to make products in a minimalist style and their slogan is “CaRest – the bag for life”.

caresta bags feeric fashion weekcaresta bags

Maria Nastaca Got Elegant

Maria Nastaca is a young designer who graduated fashion design and she drew attention for the first time in the festival ”Be Creative” for fashion students in Sibiu, where she won third prize in the category “rising star” and presented its first collection “Getting Healed.” The woman of this FW16 collection is elegant, classic but non-conformist at the same time. With an eternal style, suitable for any woman, the designer showcased a carefully tailoring, in different colors, materiality and the effects of different creative ideas from the study results representative elements of each collection separately.

This is the 4th collection of the designer and is an important step toward maturity in creation. The collection has a unique concept of elegance by combining refined spirit and strong attitude, with an unique style, opulent, but also sensual and dynamic.

Maria NAstaca Feeric Fashion Week13661844_1183652061686167_3831632338927593150_oIrina Dutu Zgaia showed us a modern architecture and slate textures on the outfits

The pieces were beautifully fabricated, tailored razor-sharp, and entirely harmless. You could practically see the modern architecture and slate textures on the house’s mood boards. Dresses, sweaters, suiting and the like were all executed in inoffensive tonal white, and styled together by fabrics like lace and wool, just to make things even more exciting. There’s a childlike sense of joy to Irina Zgaia’s collection — the designer really looks like it’s having fun making all those weird, kooky pieces. We love it!

Irina Dutu Zgaia Feeric Fashion WeekIrina Zgaia Feeric Fashion Week

Art Direction was made by Silvia Stesy Stefanini from Milan in collaboration with Mitichi Production. Hair style by Geta Marin and make up by Cristian Buca.

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