Feeric Fashion Week reveals glamorous locations for its designers in Alba Iulia and Sibiu

Every festival are scheduled three individual presentations, parties and an impressive gala on July 23, in Piata Mica.

After two days in the city of Alba Carolina, Feeric Fashion Week moves to Sibiu for six full days of fast and impressive performances. The most important fashion week in Eastern Europe scheduled over 50 events, fashion shows, wine tastings and parties with different themes. The first event of the week takes place on Monday at Jidvei Castle where Diana Pavelescu will give a broad overview called The Heritage, about the oldest varieties of wine produced in Romania, about the vineyards of the Transylvanian plateau and how to develop and use of technologies such vineyards . Tuesday, shows and individual string begins with a presentation by designer Mihaela Cîrlugea in the first courtyard of the Palace of the Large Square Brukenthal. At 14, Bianca Popp, one of the designers present at the fashion week every year in Sibiu, returns with a completely new presentation shines. The new collection of designer moved to Paris will be presented in the cage of lions in the zoo. And the animals will have their role in the presentation. The first evening of the festival concludes with a presentation of swimwear Lise Charmel Parisian brand, presentation that will be held at Versailles by Buonavista, where will be held the first party of the festival, a party by the pool.

Wednesday, the chic streets of Sibiu back to the forefront of international fashion. Brand Ruma Zapata, now for 10 consecutive years in Argentina Fashion Week, with regularly seen at fashion events in Paris, Milan or Dubai brings to Sibiu a new collection of shoes and handbags, which will be presented publicly at 13, Metropolis street tunnel linking Xenopol street. At 14, Gina Cas present the collection Ludic pasta production line of the company Boromir. The collection is created entirely from neoprene with a bold color and a futuristic approach to the composition of lines and shapes. The last individual presentation Wednesday will bring the guests to the Brukenthal Palace in Avrig where besides Lavinia Ilieş presentation, which will take place at 19, will take part in a brand new event Jidvei “wine tasting technique.” Feeric Venue ends in the evening at Redal Expo, will start at 22 with collections signed by Vasilije Kovacek, Bianca Popp, Pimpi Smith and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. At the end of the fashion evening, the seven ambassadors of Feeric will receive their awards this year after the first party that will be held and conducted in collaboration with Jidvei, “Mysterium after-party.”

The third day of the festival in Sibiu starts at 13 pm with the presentation Alina Moza in Xenopol Street Balcescu Boulevard. Designer creations are a bold fusion between story and ingenuity and are meant to put personalities with a strong philosophy of life. Three hours later, inside the Cristian Evangelical Church will take place Jessy Sarah Jones’s fashion show.  The two designers Argentines Eduardo Perez Diego de Biase and wine for the second time in Enchanting Fashion Week with a collection as impressive as that of last year. From this location the guests will move into Boromir factory, in a presentation full of geometry made by Spanish designer ALBEC Bunsen.  Yvan Andreu, Petra Orha, Spoff and Greek designer Mario Karavasilis series will close presentations on thursday at Feeric Venue, where the evening will conclude with a new brand theme party Feeric Fashion Week.

The penultimate day of the festival begins in a magical place, without any exaggeration. One of the main attractions of Sibiu County, Castle Clay Fairies from Porumbacu Upper Valley will be transformed into a walkway story for the new collection of Maltese designers Charles & Ron. Ana Maria Galan, the first stranger designer stranger who presented the festival in Sibiu, returns with a new collection at the Brukenthal Palace Avrig, at 16 o’clock, and at 19, Natalia Vasiliev will present the collection “In Search of Gaudi” in the gorgeous large hall Astra Library. On the last evening of presentations at Feeric Venue we can admire creations made by Dicky Ishak, Stephanie Borodi, Tenue Du Saf and Donka Stankovski.

Saturday will be Feeric Fashion Week GALA. The Bridge will host collections signed by seven designers, Vali Ciobanu, Mona Predescu, Catch Michelle, Roxana Parvu, Serrousi and Gloria Dimitrova. Feeric Fashion Week Gala begins at 9 am and will end around 11 am, when the last party will begin this edition of Feeric Fashion Week after-party will be at Redal Expo. Before the gala, two absolutely impressive individual presentations will enchant the public, at 13 presentation Cylia Dorra, in Manejului Street, the most beautiful street from Sibiu, and at 16 o’clock, the presentation Emma Viedma, turntable railway depot. Also on Saturday, at 18, at Brukenthal Palace Avrig will host again a special event, a wine Jidvei presentation titled “Woman and wine”, supported by Diana Pavelescu.

Feeric Fashion Week is an event co-financed by the Municipality of Sibiu and Sibiu Council. This year, Feeric Fashion Week is organized in partnership with Jidvei.
Powered by: Banca Transilvania.
Partners Edition: Mysterium, AutoSchunn, Evian, Strongbow
Traditional Partners: Boromir, Wella, Redal Expo, Kessler, Buonavista, Driving School Board, Mainetti.

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