Spoff and their Spring Summer 2016 Collection ”Soft Power” at Band of Creators in Bucharest

Spoff is a project started from the passion for creation and imagination of two young designers graduated at the National University of Arts from Bucharest, Romania. Laura Bonciu and Patricia Adăscăliţei started from the idea of a universe where the color meets the glossy material and the oversized colored stones in a perfect harmony. Inspired by the WGSN trend directions, the two fashion designers are proposing a new approach for the romanian urban style that suits a young and fresh touch.


The project seeks to move beyond a clothing brand, transforming it into a stream of cool young people with strong personalities. Spoff is for all those who have the courage to step outside the conventional and comfort zone imposed by society.

“We are the first in Romania to assume a design that starts from the sport, but that is suitable for any time of the day, that does not deny the attributes of femininity and women, but creates a suitable wardrobe of a contemporary lifestyle. We wanted to develop an unique project and our partners from 1MiSHAP supported us in this project from the beginning, “said Laura Bonciu and Patricia Adăscăliţei about their project.


Soft Power, the first collection signed Spoff, focused on round elements creating a modern blend of natural materials with neoprene, PVC transparent, glossy and semi-transparent fabrics. The 27 pieces are distinguished by a simple and minimalist design that speaks about the personality of those who wear them. At the heart of the collection is the classic “little black dress”  where on the fabrics we can see adjacent accessories  and transparent PVC jacket with oversized stones and sequins inserts. The colors blue, pink and yellow pastel, shades of black and white offers a modern environment of the entire collection.

Spoff area is a playful, encouraging flexible and allow new approaches and deviations from the usual style, classic and traditional.

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