”Eclipse of innocence” – Fashion Story by Geta Marin Hair Stylist

Geta Marin had a wonderful opening event this month in Bucharest, hosted by Ambasad’Or Events during Bucharest Fashion Week. Geta Marin Hair Academy, the national leading premium brand in hair styling showcased an amazing presentation in Bucharest with a lot of celebrities and I can call it high fashion with exclusive special guests and a lot of surprises. Guests had the chance to see ”Eclipse of innocence” presentation inspired by life’s cycle and nature’s elements. Geta Marin reunited for this event the most beautiful women and celebrities from her portfolio like Rebecca Prodan Dumitrescu, famous model from ICAN Model Management Agency and Monica Rosu, former artistic gymnast that won two Olympic gold medals, a silver medal with the Romanian team at world championships, and two gold medals at the European Championships. Also Pirvulescu Ana Gheorghe, one of the most beautiful fashion bloggers and PR from Romania, was model for Geta Marin.

Ana Gheorghe Pirvulescu
Ana Pirvulescu Gheorghe / Photo: Cornel Petrus 

Influential and inspirational to professional hairstylists and kids on the streets alike, this is Geta’s visionary view of hair in the new millennium. As the constantly-called-upon pro for international designers, Geta Marin is known for setting trends with a flick of her brush. Special outfits were created by romanian famous designers like Dana Budeanu and Andreea Dogaru for ”Eclipse of innocence” and hair accessories by Unitè Privèe. 

Photo: Cornel Petrus
Rebecca Prodan Dumitrescu Photo: Cornel Petrus

‘’Eclipse of innocence’’

The Sun
How sweet the morning sunrise is! The soul of the sun pushes itself over the people feelings. It shines on a good many folk, but on none, I dare bet, who are on a stranger errand than you and I. How small we feel with our petty ambitions and strivings in the presence of the great elemental forces of Nature!

The Snail & The Scorpion
Look at the snails. See how they glow with life? Like jewels! Aren’t even the smalle- st lives tender? Awakening like a snail in a slowly way for discovering nature’s life and fight until the end, with every breath, every heartbeat, every single, last thought like a scorpion.

The volcano & Pisa Tower
Inside a human soul inner and external feelings are fighting like a volcano, but if your heart is a volcano how shall we expect generations to live on Earth. From all these contrast feelings we create history for our future generations.

The spiral & The Infinity Column
Our human thoughts are a circle and a circle is the reflection of eternity. It has no be- ginning and it has no end – and if you put several circles over each other, then you get the spiral of infinity, because growth is a spiral process that will create a column in the construction of something much better than ourselves, the Infinity Column.

Rebecca Prodan Dumitrescu Photo: Cornel Petrus
Rebecca Prodan Dumitrescu
Photo: Cornel Petrus

The Moon
When you discover the wonders of the sunset, your soul expands in the worship of the creator and the sunset will make the moon look upon the visceral experience of motion.

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.

Photo: Cornel Petrus
Photo: Cornel Petrus
 Geta Marin is a famous hair-stylist that working globally in fashion, beauty and hair style. Her clients have included many celebrities from Romania and she is the Key Hair Stylist for many fashion events like Fashion TV Romania, Bucharest Fashion Week, Miss Romania and Next Top Model Romania. Her work has appeared in more publications from Romania, especially front covers. She teaches international master classes and workshops for professional hairstyle artists and she is famous for her abi- lity to change a hair style in a few minutes from a moodboard to another with her team. Her communication skills with her own team are an example for many hair stylists in the world.
Photo: Cornel Petrus
Photo: Cornel Petrus

With a winning combination of hair experts and stylists, and more than 20 years of industry experience, Geta Marin Hair Academy provides 100 percent the highest quality.

With an impressive client base that consists of Monica Anghel, Maria Simion, Elena Gheorghe, Monica Rosu, Ramona Gabor, Giulia Jianu, Claudia Patrascu, Roxana Nemes, Brigitte Sfat, Catrinel Menghia and more, Geta Marin was also featured in international magazines like Trend Privè Magazine, Ghidul Miresei, The Backstage Collections, Unica Magazine, Star Magazine, Eva Magazine, Lafor Calendar, Inter- coiffure Romania, Flare Magazine, Whisper Magazine, Bisous Magazine, Bolero Magazine.

Geta Marin Hairstylist is the official Artistic Director of Intercoiffure Romania and from 2009 to 2011 was the main hair stylist for the TV Show ‘’Te Fac Vedeta’’, she was special guest for many TV Channels from Romania like Acasa TV and KanalD with Ramona Gabor and Monica Anghel, Antena 1 and Euforia TV with Ana Maria Prodan, Antena Stars with Adriana Bahmuteanu and Maria Simion.

Geta Marin Hair Stylist, owner and founder of Geta Marin Hair Academy is the offi- cial Artistic Director of Intercoiffure Romania with headquarters in Str. Turn Eiffel, 70, Bucharest, Romania.

Ioana Francia Photo: Cornel Petrus
Ioana Francia
Photo: Cornel Petrus


Geta Marin Photo: Cornel Petrus
Geta Marin
Photo: Cornel Petrus

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