The best fashion players from Feeric Fashion Days


Photo: Horatiu Curutiu/Cornel Petrus

Make Up: Cristian Buca & Mihaela Cherciu

Hair Style: Geta Marin Academy 

Art Direction: Pablo Patanè 


The fashion world is bursting at the seams with already-established labels that blur the line between designer and corporate brand. However, 2015 seems to be the year to watch out for the younger generation of designers. From those emerging from out of the internship shadows to those who are branching out on their own after years of veteran experience with major brands, emerging designers are stepping into the spotlight. We picked from Feeric Fashion Days the best designers with the brightest future in fashion—and are definitely worth your close attention. 

Başak Cankeş, the founder and lead designer of Bashaques’ followed herpassion and studied fashion design at Fine Arts Department to create his own dream and build an inspiring future. By benefiting from her experiences with widely known fashion designers like Bora Aksu in United Kingdom, she discovered her talent in painting and pattern design. This inner discoveryset a milestone in her career and motivated her to create a brand offering wearable art and inspirewomen with an artistic point of view.Başak Cankeş finds her inspiration in art, different cultures and travelling.
She runs her first store in Alaçatı, where is so popular among intellectual scene and surfers in Turkey, and hosts various international designers brands, art shows and the collection with Bashaques’ label.

Eduardo Perez Gonzalez Ocantos studied law at the University of Buenos Aires and directing of film and visual arts in London. Diego De Biase studied industrial engineering at the Catholic University of Argentina. Afterwards, he worked for the shoe company BIASEFLEX SACIFI. In 2009 they launched JESSY SARAH JONES with the intent of bringing art to daily objects. They have participated in various international design festivals including the International Design Festival of Buenos Aires (CMD); MICAM, MIPEL, “Mi Milano Prêt-­‐á-­‐Porter” in Milan (Italy), Feeric Fashion Days in Romania and soon we’ll see them again with their last collection at Milan Fashion Week in September 2015. 

BIANCA POPP – Romania 
Bianca Popp is a Marangoni Master graduate at Istituto Marangoni Milan. Previously she studied Communication and graduated a MA on Semiotics of Theatre, followed by a twist in her career and life towards theatre costumes. The decision to start her own label took her to Istituto Marangoni. She worked as a designer for 10corsocomo for a few month after finishing Istituto Marangoni, for a taste of what high fashion really means, than started her own label in 2009. The love for costumes persisted, as life unfolded new perspectives on human interaction and on the multitude of roles everybody plays without ceasing being true to oneself.From this very discovery came the idea of creating clothes that will adapt to various situations while preserving a core idea and telling a story that stands by itself as much as it describes and complements its owner. Temple Invisible is a collection dedicated to all my wonderful girls, who are strong and spirited, and who are fighting for love and truth, from the bottom of their big hearts. They are teaching me strength and laughter. It is a collection of very researched structures, that look very simple and natural. 

Catrinel Marlon presented her own label Catherinelle and FW15 Bags Collection “Sublime” at Feeric Fashion Days. We already know Catrinel like a wonderful famous model and actress. Last year in July, Catrinel Marlon was part of Artisanal Intelligence in the official calendar of Alta Roma with Catherinelle bags painted by the designer herself. Each painting acts as a source of inspiration and a “sign of recognition” with a symbolic split as well as the keyhole which is the Catherinelle logo. Fitting to the dream/reality theme, a film Directed by Brando de Sica for her brand won the best Advertising Prize this year at ASVOFF 7 , the Fashion Film Festival owned by Diane Pernet in Paris.

PAOLA BALZANO – United Kingdom
Paola Balzano is a high-end womenswear label founded in 2012 under creative direction of italian/taiwanese designer Paola Balzano. Made in Italy know-how and traditional tailoring are reinterpreted with an oriental twist, coming from the designer’s asian heritage which influences her creative vision in a unique fusion of East and West. Architectural shapes and sinuous silhouettes, combined with the softness and grace of draping characterizes Paola Balzano feminine and sophisticated style. Art in all its forms, philosopy, ancestral myths, rituals and legends are all elements that inspire Paola to create unique prints, using luxurious fabrics as canvas to traslate her own vision and express season after season her individual and conceptual approach to fashion. With great attention to detail and finishing, the use of the finest fabrics and focus on high quality manufacturing and hand craftsmanship, Paola Balzano is synonymous of luxurious clothes and timeless elegance. For a sophisticated and modern woman with a delicate soul.A dreamer who seduces with a veil of Mystery.

Charles & Ron is a contemporary lifestyle brand, high-end wearable clothing and bags with a distinct Mediterranean flair and a dedication to superior quality. Maltese culture is an integral part of the Charles & Ron design ethic and the brand’s vision is, to inspire its clients to be part of the instantly recognizable Charles & Ron Mediterranean lifestyle. Charles Borg was born October 29, 1968, in Malta, and Ron van Maarschalkerweerd was born September 13, 1971 in Holland. Charles learned his tailoring skills as a young boy from his relatives who were expert dressmakers and Ron studied Economy and Human Resources management. Charles and Ron met in Amsterdam in 1992 and Ron moved to Malta shortly afterwards. The mostly self -taught designers started experimenting and shortly after presented their first collection. Their first label was named after the Queen of Holland, Beatrix. This label later evolved into Beatrix by Charles & Ron and they are now known as simply: Charles & Ron. The designers have established themselves as Malta’s leading fashion house and their bi-annual fashion show is Malta’s most anticipated fashion event.C & R have designed costumes for Malta’s top theatre companies and the duo was also selected to design the costumes for the spectacular opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting that was held in Malta in 2006. Charles & Ron have over the years dressed many local and international celebrities and several international magazines and TV stations featured the designers and their work. C&R have shown their collections alongside Italy’s top designer labels during fashion shows for TV Moda but the duo consider their couture show in Rome, Italy, on Italy’s first TV station Rai Uno one of the highlights of their career. Over the years they have participated in many prestigious fashion events throughout Europe and also North America. Their last collection ‘Wired Bloom’ was presented during New York Fashion Week and Feeric Fashion Days, Romania. Winners of Mediterranean Fashion Prize 2015.

Young fashion designer that just completed an intenship with Gareth Pugh, Andra Handaric graduated a BA in Fashion Design- Westminster University. With previous studies in Fine Arts in the University of Arts & Design Cluj Napoca and École Supérieure d’Art et Design Saint-Étienne she is constantly exploring the boundaries between art and fashion, being inspired by her cultural background and by her Romanian roots. Her universe is built around a variety of archaic production techniques and values, emphasizing the contrast between clean structured cuts and rich textures. Her last collection, Isihia – A Manifesto for the spirit aims to emphasize the spiritual value that exists in a stark, monastic environment and takes inspiration from Eastern European monachal clothing .It is made out of basic materials and most importantly, it covers most of the body.

The designer has graduated both the Mural Painting Faculty of Bucharest University, and the Design and Decorative Arts Faculty, Fashion Department, of UNARTE Bucharest. She is also a scholarship student at the Brera Academy in Milan, where she was able to display various collections during Milan Fashion Week. With fashion designs and artistic installations derived from the fashion concepts presented in Milan and Pavia, Alina has been recently awarded the 2014-2015 Artistic Award by Stoica and Associates Law Firm. The award is the financial support for the SS15 Collection, ,,Maiastra’’, first showcased in the Sibiu Feeric Fashion Days 2015. The designer’s creations bring together the tradition and the contemporary, and gives birth to a new direction, « The New Traditional », the very motto of the brand.
The designer was educated at the Hilversum Lyceum of Fashion and has been an autonomous fashion designer since, trying to push the boundaries in fashion. He conceptualizes ideas, which he executes by means of moulding and draping. Michelangelo has a way of manipulating textiles and shapes, creating an alternate dimension between fantasy and reality by taking unique patterns and placing them outside the box. His designs are fine-tuned by a specific use of colors and fabrics, applying the final details by hand. His work should be considered to be an extension of the personalities of the women he designs for.

Yvette Hass believes in creating mini collections with a high degree of fashion that creates a demand, covet, and a curiosity about what’s next to come.Her signatures are all about feminine modern silhouettes, leather, silk, beads and feathers. A major inspiration for her given pieces are cultural based, Scandinavian characteristics. Yvette Hass wants to create strong individual pieces rather than a choral collection. The pieces are made for everyday wear, day to night looks. With her designs, they encapsulate essential pieces to build a wardrobe around, easy to combine in color, and long-lasting in both style and extension of upcoming collections. Yvette was established in Hong Kong 2012, and launched 2014. Her collections are found in Asia and Europe.


Clothing and accessories created by Mihaela Cirlugea are treated by the designer as art objects. The main goal is to achieve objects as versatile as possible. The materials used are mostyly processed in a personal manner, with fortified structures composed of wires or stratifications. Many outfits have a vintage air. Each piece is refined and has tactile properties, revealing a state. 


Official Website Feeric Fashion Days

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