Tom Rebl opened Paris Fashion Week with DADAMatix SS16 

Photo : Matteo Zonca – Koi Ama Production 

 The Milanese maison, led by German designer Tom Rebl, surprised Paris and its strong cultural orientation with a sophisticated and highly technological presentation which included the interaction between a fashion film (inspired by the Dadaism movement of a century ago) and an extraordinary ‘on-stage’ performance by talented French actor Francky O’ Right in the main role of RUMORE, a noisy and trendy “hipster”, represented as an almost tenderly shallow character, of universal appeal.

 The movie, filmed in Milan, had its characters wearing the new collection by Tom Rebl, and appearing on screen in a spectacular make-up/look combination, a synergy strongly relying on the skilled hands of MUA Valeria Orlando.

For the main character roles some authentic pearls of the Italian showbusiness were chosen, including names such as Andy of the Bluvertigo band, and internationally renowned transformist Arturo Brachetti. They played their roles together with main character SILENZIO, interpreted by iconic actress and former top model Benedetta Barzini, who brought a substantial layer of talent and depth to the play.

Costumes, it goes without saying, were studied by Tom Rebl with masterfulness and class. Each character appearing on screen demonstrated a different connotation of the designer’s vision: dark and black tones, mixed with white and gray, enriched the highly detailed collection, resulting in a sophisticated and fresh chapter for the SS2016 presentation in Paris.
 The beautiful accessory line was produced by genius Antonio Urzi’ for Tom Rebl, and Urzi’s “armor” was actually the opening look of the DADAMatix presentation.

The splendid full leather shoes were produced in collaboration with Madani Shoes.

 Internationally renowned contemporary artist Andreas Kerstan was chosen to arrange the extraordinary scenes in the second act of the show on the garden deck of LA PAGODE Theater, the memorable official location for the Tom Rebl debut in Paris. Over the background of a live violin performance all models that finished their runway were displayed in a static exhibition around the spectacular outdoor setting of La Pagode.


 The entire presentation, which also included a beautiful fashion catwalk inside the theater, was produced under the umbrella of FTL MODA, while filming production was directed by Livia Alcalde, under the creative direction of Pablo Patane’ and coordination of Ilaria Niccolini Production.


The presentation was attended by many prominent figures of the international media world including Lady Diane Pernet, president of ASVOF Film Festival, who enjoyed a private general rehearsal of the screening before attending the full presentation.

The TOM REBL DADAMatix SS 2016 collection of Menswear, Womenswear and Eyewear will be on display until July 1st at the temporary Tom Rebl showroom at Luc Berthier Gallery, Rue Saint Anastase 5, Paris. The showroom will be open for visits daily.


Photographers and media can access Tom Rebl press office at


For information:


Press office

RSVP: Myra Postolache

Tel.: + 39 346.356.1061







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