Interview with Silvia Venturini Fendi for Trend Privè Magazine

Fendi is one of fashion`s most glorious dynasties of all times, with almost 90 traditional Italian years of inspiring fashion collections and the label that launched the “It” bag. The Senior Fashion Editor of Trend Prive’ Magazine, MYRA POSTOLACHE talks to Silvia V. Fendi`s about the amazing Alta Roma Fashion Week. Silvia is a third generation member of the Fendi dynasty. She, along with her mother and four sisters, inherited that family business from her grandparents, Edoardo and Adele.
She is now the creative director of accessories and mens-wear of the label. Silvia Venturini Fendi lives in Rome and is a collector of everything, even newspapers. She doesn`t sell her things and she collects everything in a palace of breath-taking beauty that screams her name. Silvia Venturini Fendi has been the artistic director of Fendi`s accessories since ‘99 (when the brand entered the LVMH), while Karl Lagerfeld is the artistic director of women’s fashion since ‘65. Chaired as the AltaRoma`s CEO, an institution which meaning is to bring the Italian couture to the glories of the past (in July, in partnership with Yoox, she has instructed young designers to reinterpret the cornerstones of the Italian dressmaking, the pajama-palace of Irene Galitzine to evening dresses of the Fontana sisters). Fendi has been active on the fashion design scene as a loving sponsor for different projects that launches new talents. The most recent project is called “Handmade for the Future” and transforms all the Fendi boutiques in the world into workshops, where craftsmen of the brand and designers work together, to create pieces made from different materials. “I think there is a return to the manual, so we published “The Whispered Directory of Craftsmanship: A Contemporary Guide to the Italian Hand Making Ability, a book that pays tribute to the legacy of Italian know-how and then of what it should mean made in Italy.”

What was the good news brought by this edition of Alta Roma July 2014?

Silvia Fendi: In this edition, I think the shows were spectacular and we focused on the details of the show at 360°, because AltaRoma wants to give visibility to the designers, but also wants to create growth opportunities for them and if a designer is really good, with a spectacular show and the right buyers, it should only take a little to be contacted by international retailers or buyers from the most important companies in the world. In addition to the show, the number of international buyers has grown a lot this year and it was one of the most important goals for us as and to bring the most important names from the media world like famous fashion editors and bloggers (Diane Pernet, Suzy Menkes, L’Officiel Magazine, Marie Claire, Elle, etc ). Many times it happens that a fashion week festival offers to the emerging designers a lot of visibility, but is not enough and I think that it`s also important to create an important long-term market for their brand too.

Under which rules can a designer join the Alta Roma Fashion Week?

Silvia Fendi: First of all, a little history, marketing web tools (website, social networks), a real target and three-four launched collections, not necessarily made in Italy. Alta Roma Fashion Week promotes Haute Couture and we are very focused on the collection’s quality and the collection must be entirely executed by hand and must have brilliant details on the fabrics, that make the difference and reflect the uniqueness of the designer. A designer must be able to produce and create original collections that have the base of high fashion conditions and we have many examples in the history of Alta Roma Fashion Week like Renato Balestra, Elie Saab, Raffella Curiel and Jean Paul Gaultier (Special Guest of Alta Roma Fashion Week July 2013).

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