“When in Rome” by Cathias Edeline – InterView with Adeline Catinas Designer for Trend Prive’ Magazine


Brand : Cathias Edeline

Photo : Emilia Vila Photographer from Eviem Photography

Model: Giulia De Majo
Luxury Handbags Designer: Adeline Catinas
Luxury Dresses Designer: Maria Lucia Hohan

Exclusively for Italy with Fashion News Magazine, Adeline Catinas Designer chose Rome for her new S/S15 Fashion Campaign. The Collection is wonderful and we discovered some secrets about Cathias Edeline Luxury Brand.


InterView with Adeline Catinas for Trend Prive’ Magazine, November Issue 2014

Myra: Describe the history of Cathias Edeline Brand in some words for TPM Readers.
Adeline Catinas: I’ve always had a passion for accessories, since I was a teenager, so I always knew that I want to become an accessories designer. The first step was to study this field at the University of Art and Design Cluj. When I finished school, I moved to Bucharest and started to work on my project which was going to become the today brand Cathias Edeline. I never thought the success will come so fast, but somehow I succeeded to get to the women’s hearts and desires and they simply loved my bags and started to wear them, from normal women to local celebrities.

Myra: Can you tell us The Definition of Luxury?
Adeline Catinas: Luxury should be made by a perfect mix of quality, style, attention to details and attitude.


Credits :
Jojo Artist – Catalina Grama

Photo: Horia Stan
MUA: Alina Boitor
Hair Style: Cristina Zelinca
Boots: Cathias Edeline
Stylist: Alina Dascalescu

Myra: How do you get your inspiration?
Adeline Catinas: I get inspired by everything that’s surrounding me: from paintings, which is my favorite form of art, and modern architecture, to women’s street style, movies, magazines.

Myra: The most important thing in the process of a handbag design is…?
Adeline Catinas: First of all, the leather I’m using has to be a very good quality one and with an interesting texture. Sometimes, when I see a piece of leather, suddenly in my mind I create the perfect bag shape to be dressed with that kind of leather. And the details are very important, as well. The perfect look of a bag is definitely given by the accessories and embellishments that decorate it.


Myra: What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?
Adeline Catinas: I’ve started my business with 500 euro only. It wasn’t easy but I just knew instinctively what choices to make and how to invest that amount of money so I succeeded to build my success in one year. But every day is a new challenge for me, from the inspiration I need in order to satisfy all my different customers to the entire production process and the marketing field.

Myra: Share with us some secrets about your S/S15 Collection.
Adeline Catinas: My last collection is called “When in Rome” and it contains elegant clutches made of anaconda skin, feathers and Swarovski elements. This is my first collection of clutches and I tried to make them look very exotic, precious and sophisticated in the same time, so women can choose them for special events. The campaign for this collection was photographed in Rome, in the romantic area of Piazza Navona.


Myra: Have any celebrities worn your designs?
Adeline Catinas: A lot of local celebrities are wearing my designs. Actually, this was the first segment of women which started to buy my bags. From TV anchors to actresses and singers, they are all visiting my showroom and, in time, they became my friends.

Myra: Do you have a favourite color?
Adeline Catinas: For my clothes and accessories I choose black and/or white most of the time. But my favorite color is green.



Myra: Who is the most important person in your life?
Adeline Catinas: The most important person in my life is my mother, which is also my best friend.

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