”Hidden Collection” – Zora Design by Zorà Romanska Designer

I have always believed in emerging talents and I’ll support them until the world will understand the real value of the sacrifices and the work that goes into each creative piece. Leather is art and I think Zora Romanska is a designer who will never stop to amaze us with her ideas turned into unique pieces created in luxury leather. I’ve always loved black and I always thought that it’s not easy to create a unique pieces with this color because you have to be very creative to bring out collections that can say something really. You have to work and transform the tissues until they come to life and tell a story because black is a different world , all its own. Black talks our hidden desires and our secrets and so as we give life to our desires so even Zora Romanska has the ability to give rise to a strong and representative collection that speaks to us. In life we all have a dream, but sometimes we don’t know which is the key to turn it into reality and that’s why I was struck by this collection. It means that everything is possible when we truly believe in ourselves and there is always a success key to get where we want. Our dreamds needs a setting around very significant and for this we need choose the quality of the people around us … Yes, we must make a selection of quality and Zora chose it too with the luxury leather for her new collection. I believe in her and I’m sure that she will have success because she creates with heart and passion for art.

The Designer – Zora Romanska is a painter and graphic designer who grew up in Bulgaria, graduated from Accademia di Belle Arti di Brescia, and worked for years in Italy. With many national and international exhibitions, now she blends in beautiful alchemy painting and graphic design, to create jewellery. Zora transforms high quality leather, magnets and ropes into fashionable and extravagant bijoux. And her works transform as well – to match the style or the occasion. Zora threads new trends into contemporary fashion design in Europe.

The Collection – The idea of HIDDEN COLLECTION is focused on the act of observation, on perception and on the integrity that leather can impart. Much of what exists under it often remains concealed, unnoticed, somehow hidden, but with its own significance and purpose. Uniqueness is beyond the vissible and the obvious in this world. You have to dare look for it…



FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zora-Design/688939187807598?fref=ts

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